Reason #5

Academic Tools and Resources

Hello, Brainiacs and Scholars! Campus Roots is here to supercharge your academic life. Gone are the days of frantic scrambles and disorganized study sessions. Welcome to a world where academic tools and resources are at your fingertips, making learning not just easier, but also more enjoyable.

Seamless enrollment and tuition management

First things first, let’s get you enrolled in those courses. With a few taps, you can select your classes and manage tuition payments. It’s streamlined, it’s simple, and it’s secure. Say goodbye to long lines and confusing forms!

Book academic advising in a snap

Need guidance on your academic path? Booking an appointment with an academic advisor is just a tap away. Whether you’re exploring majors or planning your career trajectory, expert advice is always accessible.

Tutoring and academicaccommodations

Struggling with calculus? Need a little extra help in your history essay? Our app connects you with tutoring services to give you that edge. Plus, if you need academic accommodations, we’ve got you covered. It’s all about providing the support you need to excel.

Print on the go

Ever been in a rush to print that assignment? With Campus Roots, you can send your documents straight to campus printers from your phone. It’s quick, convenient, and lifesaving for those last-minute print jobs.

Access to a virtual help room

Stuck on a problem at 2 AM? Our virtual help room is your 24/7 study buddy. Connect with classmates, discuss course material, and share insights, all within the app. It’s like having a study group in your pocket.

Reserve library rooms easily

Need a quiet spot for your study group? Reserve library rooms directly through Campus Roots. Choose your time slot, invite your study buddies, and you’re all set for a productive session.

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