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Campus Events & News

What’s happening on campus? Never miss a beat with Campus Roots! Whether it’s the buzz about the big game, an art exhibit, or a guest speaker seminar, we’ve got your back. Here’s how you stay plugged into the vibrant campus life.

Your daily campus pulse

Our app is your go-to source for all campus events and news. From the latest on student government to upcoming festivals, we deliver it straight to your fingertips. Think of us as your personal campus newsfeed – fresh, fast, and fun!

Promote your own events

Running a student club or organizing a fundraiser? Get the word out like a pro! Create event pages, spread the buzz, and watch your attendance soar. We make promoting your event as easy as pie – a very popular, well-attended pie.

Instant notifications, no FOMO

Enable notifications and say goodbye to FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)! Whether it’s a last-minute study group or a surprise concert, you’ll be the first to know. It’s like having a friend who’s always in the know.

A community that celebrates together

Campus Roots isn’t just about keeping you informed; it’s about bringing us all together. Share your experiences, post your photos, and connect over shared events. It’s about creating memories and being part of the campus story.

Your interactive campus calendar

Our interactive calendar not only shows you what’s happening but also lets you RSVP and sync events to your personal planner. Now, managing your social and academic calendar is as easy as tapping your screen.

Never a dull moment

Campus life is dynamic and ever-changing, and so is our feed. Check back daily for new updates, surprise happenings, and exclusive campus news. With Campus Roots, you’re always in the heart of campus life.

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